Why switch to video?

Having worked in PR and marketing for over 25 years, I have found myself over the last 10 years spending more time working in video for both these functions. There is no doubt a huge switch to video marketing both for customers looking for a service and for companies selling their wares.

One of our longest standing clients and one of my favourites, a retirement chain – RSL LifeCare, has thousands of views on their videos. They take viewers on a tour around their villages and care homes, showing their possible fellow neighbours and the activities they can expect to participate in or not, as whatever the case may be. Who would have guessed? And you may wonder why bother with an internet video marketing to a generation that may have never used a computer during their working lives?

It’s all very simple. A video can show in two minutes more than you can ever write in 20 pages. The videos for their sites create a feel for the villages (and there is a distinctly different feel to each of them) and show possible new residents and their families what the village looks and feels like before they trek out to visit each place. The seaside villages cater to those people who have always lived by the sea or who would like to retire there, whilst the country ones reflect their location and provide big skies for their residents. They are distinctly two different crowds.

Also, more adult children are researching the homes for their parents and they are saving time by surfing the net to do this. These videos allow them to quickly rule out places and narrow down their search to the most appropriate ones. It also makes it easy to show the retirees themselves a selection of places without taking them out in the car.

Another of our favourite clients is CSR. We have been doing videos for their Hebel division for a while now and when we started, we wondered the same thing as many people in Australia wondered (exactly 4742 at last count this morning), which is: What is Hebel? Matt Leiper, my partner in the business and husband, has a YouTube account where he posts many of our videos and there, we see thousands of views where people searching for building products have clicked. These, of course, don’t reflect everyone who has watched these videos because Hebel also have a website where they store all of our videos and they receive views there from people who are looking for more information on their products, but we are getting clicks from the thousands who probably don’t know the company.

Just for the record, the Hebel products are amazing – and I’m not just saying that because they are our clients. We have interviewed their users and seen for ourselves how awesome it really is. And for the record, we too plan to use Hebel when we add an extension onto our house and are kicking ourselves that we didn’t know about their PowerFloor product before we built a flat under our deck (see the videos on PowerFloor for yourself).

So, we know that the Hebel products themselves are generating talk and that in turn generates searches to find out more about the product. But the videos are also a very effective tool to getting the message out. By real people talking about their real experience, these testimonials are a powerful endorsement for the product. Plus it is a way to show how the product is used.

Both companies, RSL LifeCare and CSR Hebel are using videos in two different ways. They are both respected brands and that carries a lot of weight in itself. But we are delighted to see two very different companies benefiting from video by using it in two very different ways. Not only will they continue to attract more visitors to their website, but they will keep them there longer and that will reflect in more sales.