Marketing and PR – the New Rules

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to have a visit from an old colleague and now friend, David Meerman Scott, author of 10 books including, ‘The New Rules of Marketing and PR’ – which have been revised and updated 5 times. I met David when I was Global Market Manager for Metals for Knight Ridder Financial. At the time, David was the Asian Regional Marketing Director, responsible for marketing of all products for his region, and based in Tokyo. I was based in New York, responsible for the base and precious metals products globally. It was inevitable that we would work together, but lucky that we actually liked each other. It was a big job for me, having recently graduated from Uni and about 15 years younger than the other global managers and Wall Street at that time still didn’t have many women in management positions. I also had travelled a bit, but not so much on my own so travelling to Asia was huge and I was a bit in awe of David. He understands marketing so well and is not a pushover. He is a very nice person, don’t’ get me wrong, but if he doesn’t agree with you, he will tactfully tell you. I always respected that about him.

I am glad that others see his value. He was recently the keynote speaker for the LinkedIn conference here in Sydney and was back speaking at another conference this time. One thing is for sure – David knows marketing and his latest book, ‘The New Rules of Marketing and PR, dives into the changes to marketing and PR with all the new bells and whistles on offer. The internet and social media have basically turned the entire industry on its head, making marketing and PR people have to adapt or become extinct. He is globally recognised as one of the most informed people with regard to the internet, social media and the best way to market your product or your company.

David gave me a copy of his book and I am reading it and I highly recommend it to any person who works in PR or marketing or anyone interested in just growing their business. I haven’t gotten far into the book, but David explains why the old rules that many of us used for our businesses or throughout our careers are not relevant anymore and that the whole game has changed and why and how we must adapt.

One thing he emphasizes is that we all need a new way to tell our story or show the world our goods. It doesn’t do any of us any good to have the best whatever it is that we sell or do if no one can find us. And people are using the internet for research or just surfing just now, so that is our common ground. It has opened up our way of communicating directly with our buyers.

This is where videos, social media and blogs come into play. And it works for all ages. RSL LifeCare uses video to show each of its villages and care homes not only to retired people looking for a place to live but also to their adult children who are looking for a place for their elderly parent or parents. The internet just makes it easier for them and us to research anything we want.

The key for all of us is to be articulate and keep our messages clean and simple. Keep an eye on our website because I will be implementing David’s suggestions. As a marketing professional, it’s good to know someone who is such an expert. He has reminded me that as important as it is for me to help my clients keep on top of their game, I also need to keep up my own marketing and PR. Thanks David.