Live Facebook Video Streaming Can Be Right on Target

We at Arthouse have recently been involved in live video streaming on Facebook and this one made for an interesting case study. Much as many people say they are irritated with their data privacy issues, Facebook still reaches the masses and yet allows for a very targeted campaign. Not long ago, Matt filmed a live Facebook video for Philips to promote their air fryer and it was streamed live to Weightwatchers’ followers at 6:30 at night (dinnertime). Talk about targeting the perfect audience. Philips and Weightwatchers both won on that front and so did their followers. Weightwatchers provided a service – they showed their followers a better way to cook that will make low fat meals (can’t get lower in fat than using air, can you?).

This is a terrific marketing strategy – and its a smart way to draw someone in. Not only did Weightwatchers probably make money by selling the space on their Facebook page, they created more loyalty from their followers by showing no fat way to cook. Philips got a great marketing opportunity to demonstrate its product to a ‘big’ audience.

How did it go? Well, the lamb chops apparently looked delicious, the cooking time was short (6 mins) with veggies and lamb chops cooking simultaneously in one pot which also means very little cleanup time (a huge tick for most of us). The live video proved that cooking those lamb chops was going to be a win on all fronts. We’ve all experienced nights when we just don’t have the time, energy or ideas for dinner.

There is no doubt for a product and audience like this, Philips got it right. Weightwatcher clients were the perfect audience and video was definitely the best way to go. Cooking demonstrations are visual and viewers potentially can use the majority of their senses when they watch the video. This is what keeps visitors more engaged and on sites longer than by using words or audio alone.

Was it worth it? Philips must have thought so. They spent a lot of money on this exercise – paying quite a few people in the process. There were no less than seven PR people there from both Weightwatchers and Philips, two cameramen to light and film the demo, one host and the demonstrator. I’d love to know how they did. They certainly picked the right audience.