LifeStyle Channels is on to a Winner!

Hemsley and Hemsley
Some of you who know me, know that I love marketing and not just any old marketing… I love to work on new and different ways to help companies market themselves. I was very interested to see the way one of our new clients, Foxtel’s LifeStyle Channels has used their thinking caps. A couple of weeks ago, we filmed at the Hemsley and Hemsley event they hosted at the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool at the Domain. The event was put together by Beach Umbrella and as you would expect from LifeStyle Channels and Beach Umbrella, it was meticulously organised, and a real win-win for everyone involved. The biggest winner is Foxtel, who have maximised their brand and turned it into a live event. They have understood their market and found a real way to promote their shows, whilst making money as well as keep their audience appeal.

This particular event kicked off with a ‘hello’ from the Hemsley sisters, followed by a dyanamic 45 minute yoga class led by Angela Mitchell, then breakfast using recipes from the sisters’ new cookbook, then a Q&A with the Hemsley sisters and ended with a meet-and-greet book signing for the new cookbook. Participants were given a copy of the cookbook and the sisters signed and chatted with the the group one on one before the event ended. Besides the book, goodie bags included some Rub the Budda body lotion, a funky drink bottle, a bright pink yoga matt with ‘LifeStyle Channels’ branded on it and a few other small things.

The key here is that LifeStyle Channels knew their the audience well enough to know that someone who watches the Hemsley show is probably interested in fitness and good nutrition and they planned their event for those customers. From a participant’s point of view, the event was super value and they were entertained, networked, got a real workout and learned more about cooking healthy recipes whilst on the run.

For me personally even though I was working, I enjoyed the event and I’m obviously their target market. I like healthy eating, I love yoga and I’m up-to-my-eyeballs busy, so this event ticked all my boxes. I learned a lot from the Hemsley sisters (especially the tip on the snacks to stock up on and ones to carry with you that will help to avoid buying rubbish food when there is nothing else on offer – and that happens a lot for us when we are flat out on shoots or when I am working on a particularly involved marketing project). That day if I hadn’t been working, I would have been more than delighted to buy a ticket.

LifeStyle Channels have quite a few assets they can tap into for successful events and it will be interesting to watch their progress with this new venture. I am a real fan of many of LifeStyle Channels’ shows, so I enjoy working with them. Their shows appeal to me and so do their events. One thing is sure, if they do host events and I’m not working (and circumstances allow), I will try my best to be there as their customer.